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World of Warcraft

Orion 10m is recruiting!

Tienke a posted Mar 26, 14
Hey all!

For WoD Orion is recruiting more ppl to raid mythic.
atm we have 8/14hc and we are very interested in building up a second team for the last few months of mop.
The ppl in my guild are very social and adult. 
Average age in raidteam is 20-45. We take raiding serious, but we do have time for jokes and talks :)

This is also a nice place for the girl-gamers among us, because the gm is a woman too (and yes, i feel lonely in a guild with mostly men :p)

We dont like ppl with attitude issues :)


You can contact me be replieing this message, ingame mail on Tienke or on the enjin page!

Guild at facebook

Tienke a posted Sep 25, 13

How Orion started....

Tienke a posted Aug 9, 13
Me and Ezraeil bought this guild on august 3th 2013...
It was a lvl 21 guild with no members in it.

I never thought things would get this big....

Now, only 1week after we started... we already have 153 members :)

again: thanks all for joining!!!
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